The EverQuest expansion pack comes out today. Woe and sorrow, grief and lament. Not only does it come out, but NeverWinter should be out soon and of course, there is the ever so grand Dark Ages of Camelot.

What's a girl to do?

These are obvious ploys to steal all my (ha) free time, and I'm not sure how it will be handled yet. It's not a good time to get all tripped up in gaming again! It's just not. But I miss it, maybe. Just a little. And I want to have fun! But there's a fine line between fun and neurotic addiction that robs all my time.

And I'm back on the road to healthy eating again (finally) and really must devote some of this (ha) free time to working out. There's really nothing to keep me from going running again everyday ... except my inherent laziness, of course. So we'll see.

But it beats sitting around feeling sorry for myself, right?

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