Babies should not be so cute. It's not fair. I mean, I work in a school, and the moms filter in at the day's end to pick up their little sweaty munchkins, and what are most of them toting along with them? Babies. Newborns are a particular concern. These tiny, sweet smelling bundles of joy command my attention. Before I know it, I'm zooming in on the mom, beaming down at the infant, and cooing like a lunatic. Then of course, I'm holding the child as mom goes about collecting schoolwork and backpack, coat and lunchbox. And in the few minutes it takes for her to do this, I've fallen in love. I'm hooked and staring into those innocent blue eyes, holding the tiny hand curled around my finger, smelling her tiny head and thinking, "Yes, I could do this again."

Uh? Baby repellant, anyone?

Last year was actually much worse. I had my own class then, and each day as my favorite (yeah, yeah, we're not supposed to have favorites) student's mom came in, she held her baby daughter. And as the year progressed I watched her grow from a helpless infant to a feisty little girl that loved to crawl into my room and pull down the manipulatives and laugh with a delighted squeal at the mess she had made. In the spring, my class made watercolour rainbows, complete with curled blue ribbons that hung down from them. I hung them from the celing, along with the kites they had made. And each day, this beautiful little girl would pull at my pants leg and I would pick her up and hold her close as her tiny hands reached up for the rainbows and kites ... her perfect lips formed into a smile. And I fell in love.

Babies. Ugh.

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