And a story of weirdness: Last night I decided to make the boys a wishlist at amazon.com, since my dad was unsure of what to get them for Christmas. While browsing the kids music selections (Daegan loves music more than any five year old child I've ever seen!) I came across a Beatles compilation CD for munchkins. And I thought to myslef, 'Self! Even though you have never really listened to the Beatles, you should give the kids access to such things.' And so I added it to the list, not thinking anyone would think to get it for them.

This morning, my mother tells me that George Harrison died. I said, "Who?"

This afternoon, my dad sends an email telling me of the many things he bought the kids. The Beatles CD is included.

And finally, Griffin sends me an IM right after all this, telling me how much the Beatles rock. And so now, upon his many many recommendations, I'm downloading songs, and smiling at familiar lyrics, and generally having a lovely time.

But I am not, no I am not working on my essay.

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