So I'm proven wrong. Mike is not dead. We found the happy lizard this evening as we were preparing to go out. Almost to tiny to see, he was on the tiled bathroom floor under my towels. Steven and Daegan are amazed at his nifty return from death.

Puck is, too. He's already knocked Mike's home over again. His home was under my desk but not open, so although his house was a bit shaken up, he survived that fall. Poor Mike. We need to find him a place Puck can't get to.

And after the fun experience of recapturing Mike, we went to the Halloween carnival and had a grand old time. Steven went as Wolverine and Daegan went as Spiderman, and they played many games and got much candy and everyone was happy. Whee.

I had a lot of other things to say today, but I've forgotten them now. Sigh.

But yay, Mike is back!

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