Before I comment (because honestly, I just can't make myself think about it yet) on the world, I thought I'd share my own private (well, not really) terror.

I mentioned on Thursday that my kids came home early because of a bomb threat. Seems I was misinformed. Here's what our tiny little newspaper reported:

From Police Sgt Havens: "He threatened the principal, teachers, and students, but said nothing specific about a bomb or shooting. He did say something about all the windows around the school and no one would be safe."

Apparently some guy left a message on the school's voicemail on Wednesday night. A voicemail that wasn't recieved until 9am Thursday, roughly an hour and a half after kids start arriving at the school.

Friday, when I dropped my boys off, there were Fire Marshall trucks and police and people I didn't recognize. It was very quiet, and many kids weren't there ... silent halls in what is normally a place bubbling with activity and laughter and children bouncing towards their classes.

I know it's just a school threat. Probably just some freak thinking he is oh-so-funny. But these are my kids, and this is a place they go everyday, a place I take them, a place I leave them at for hours ... and the thought that I am personally escorting them to an unsafe place ... well, I don't handle that thought well.

Not at all.

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