Well, at the beginning of this ... I said I might post to 3a.m. haiku. I lied. So to make up for that, I'll do a little haiku mania now...

crystal kept me up
stormy and paige sat nearby
blogging all night long

tylenol and chai
helping me to make it through
long nights without sleep

dreams are hiding now
walking 'round with two left legs
limping through the haze

kept me company
warm voice and soft-spoken truths
waiting for that time

webcam pics galore
strawberry margarita
no more mints for me

lost in my blogger
time ticking like molasses
with friends by my side

digital laughter
staticky robot phone calls
giggling like a child

absorbed in newness
wrapped snug;a velvet cocoon
waiting to break free

smiles freely passed out
in exchange for shared moments
i found my rapture

crazy walgreen trip
with nuts and lipgloss and chips
home in ten minutes

and soon we slumber
drifting dreamily downward
into well-earned peace

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