Tonight I went to the fireworks display with my munchkins, Randy and Kathy.

It was (Spectacular, Spectacular!) actually a lot of fun, and just so you can enjoy the atmosphere, I will try to recreate the dazzling fireworks set to music display:

"I was born..." *BANG* "in the USA!" *POPWHIZWHIRL* "Glory! Glory..." *ZOOM!BAM!* "Halle.." "Oooooh! Ahhhh! "...lujah!" *CRASHBOOMZING!* "And I'm proud..." *ZIPBING* "...to be an American..." *BLAM!POP!* "Where at least I know I'm free!" *BANGBANGPOPWHIZWHIRLZOOMBAMCRASHBOOMZINGZIPBINGBLAMPOP* "Oooooooh! Ahhhhh!"

So yep, it was nifty stuff. Hope you all enjoyed the day.

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