So, I was talking to Matt about the blogathon and trying to decide exactly what it is I'll post for 24 hours straight.

He said I should do some of my personified emotions, which is a great idea. It'll be sure to keep me busy. So here's the deal. You send me an emotion, any emotion (love, hate, anger, remorse, jealousy, whatever) and I'll personify it. Basically what I do is envision a person that looks like that emotion and describe them, physical appearance only. I've already done a few, thanks to Trever's lovely writing exercise idea (which, come to find out, he only wanted me to do so he would get mail from me!) but I've found that they're a lot of fun.

So, do you have an emotion that you're just itching to see what I think it looks like? Yeah, well pretend you do. It's for charity and it'll help me stay awake for 24 hours. Send me your emotion to kellsane@cs.com and I'll see what I can do on July 28th, the night of no sleep.

And, thanks to Matt for becoming my very first sponsor. Did I mention that he rocks?

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