There are now 2 people on my buddy list.

Two! *cries*

I am cold, sorta hungry, yawny, my eyebrows are sinking into my eye sockets, and I'm cold.

I'm trying out The Originally Celebrated Curiously Strong Cinnamon Altoids (Made in Great Britain). I have to say -- they aren't all that curious. Or strong. Remember the Dentyne Ice disastor? These are nothing like that.

Hey! Remember Atomic Fireballs?? Man, those things were great. These sort of hint at the greatness of Atomic Fireballs. Maybe if you ate like ... 10 ... all at once.

Hey! Let's find out!


Hmm. Yeah.. That's hot. Eeeek.

Okay. THIS was a bad idea. OW OW OW my mouth is on fire! Call freaking 911! Call God! Call the freaking water department!

Y0WZA!! I have no more tongue!! It has been eaten away by 10 acidic poison demon atomic mints of sheer hell!!

Okay... no more damn experiments.

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