And back to the serious stuff ...

Womenforwomen.org is an excellent site and I highly suggest you check it out. Now. Seriously (There's that word again!). Go now.

There is also this site, which was shown to me by my new fiancee Stormy. Check it out.

I'm watching The Age of Innocence now. For real this time. I love the period clothing in this movie. And hey -- two Winona Ryder movies in a row. Nifty. And the dancing! I love the dancing.

So did I ever tell you I want to learn to ballroom dance? Is this just a girl thing? I mean, it must not be. Any men out there want to take me to lessons? Woo!

And Matt says about the mint-o-doom-pic: I think the best part is the hella femme hand waving. it's so southern belle for some reason to me

I've proven my girly self yet again!

I'm also downloading some song called "Golden Brown" by The Stranglers, per Matt.

I'll let you know what I think in the off chance it doesn't take 7 hours to download.

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