so here I am at 7:40. I am amazed at some of the blogs I've been reading.

How do you people do it? I have lost all ability to think, reason, or write anything worth reading. I am a sad, sad woman.

Stormy has returned to the room and is lying on my bed singing and babbling. Well. At least I'm not quite that far gone. Right? Right.

The sad fact is that I know I can make it to 2pm, and that makes me wonder if I could make it to 3...4..5.. the next day? Just how long could I go without sleep? I mean ... there are people that are in situations where they simply cannot sleep, I think. So ... if one absolutely must go without sleep, what then? I assume their comes a time when the body just gives out, or the brain gives way to hallucinations and paranoid episodes or some such thing.

And, I ramble.

I'd forgotten how much I really loved The Age of Innocence. If only I had the ability to stay focused on it at this point!

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