It's time we speak of music.

I love music. Not all music, really. I can't stand most pop stuff that is played on the radio. There are times when I like the beat ... need the beat ... to be able to jump up and dance wildly around my room. I don't know where that stems from ... need for a way to use up energy or just a need to simply move.

But the music I truly love ... it's the music that carries the words and tune that wrap ahold of my heart. And even that says too much, labels too harshly.

There are songs, purely instrumental, like Henry Mancini's Romeo and Juliet ... or simple songs by local artists... like Runaway by Heather Knox ... there are songs that move me to tears like Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah ... if only I had the words to explain!

I've always loved music ... and it's not enough just to listen. I want to sing along, dance, close my eyes and become absorbed in the melody ... I want to be able to play along on an instrument -- I want to be able to replicate that which I find so angelic.

So I sing all the time. In my car at night, I roll down the windows and blast the stereo and belt out songs along with Natalie Cole. At home, with my trusty mp3 player going I sing as I type, happy to know that regardless of anything else, I can lose myself in a moment, in a song.

I've always wanted to learn to play piano. I still plan one day to do exactly that. There's a guitar handy, but I've tried and fumbled and tried and fumbled and tried some more. The plain (sad) truth is that it hurts my fingers! I really don't get it. The only instrument I have ever played well is the flute. And there are still days that I pick one up and play a bit ... I've still got all my old sheet music and it's fun to see what I can do.

And actually, I have a small collection (which some of you know) of flutes going now. My very first, an Armstrong purchased years ago in a dark music shop tha my father took me to, a beautiful crystal flute that my mother bought for me a few years ago. It's etched with pastel flowers and has a fairly interesting sound to it. Then I have my three bamboo flutes. I purchased all of them myself, at our yearly renfaire. There's always a craftsman there ... Erik the Flutemaker ... that I seek out each year. He has the most amazing things for sale -- and each year I pace and wonder and babble delightedly at the many different flutes and things for sale.

But I only buy one.

It makes the following year that much more to look forward to.

This year I think I may just get some pan pipes also, though.

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