So, another day.

Today I met Matt at the Dallas Fort Worth airport. It was pretty cool, because he is seriously a kind person and we got to chat for maybe 45 minutes over chai and coffee while people scurried about trying to go this way and that on the way to somewhere more important than here and loud voices over the intercom reiminded us that no, you may not smoke in the airport, and no, you should not accept strange packages from stranger people.

He gave me the illustated signed copy of Stardust, and two very cool little surfboard keychains for my kids (which they immediately placed two fingers on and began to 'surf' with) that say California on them. The signature has a little drawing of a crescent moon man smiling. Funny that when I talk of the moon I always think in terms of female but we have the 'man in the moon' and I think of the drawing as male. Anyway.

Time past very quickly and soon he had to board his plane (I think he was the last one to get on!) and I turned back to my car.

But it was fun. Thanks again, Matt. I'm glad we got to meet.

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