And before I forget ...

Why is it that the ultimately wonderful people (the ones with the best souls, kindest hearts, sweetest spirits, the ones that can make you smile until your cheeks hurt and laugh until your belly aches) never seem to realize how wonderful they are?

That makes me very sad, and somewhat angry, and mostly confused at how this happens.

Sarah, you are one of the sweetest people I have ever met. You never blink twice before offering kind words full of encouragement to me -- and I suspect to anyone you pass that looks the slightest bit down. I think we all have a sort of twisty-turny path to follow, the one that lets us find out (by stopping at various nooks and crannies and eye-opening places along the way) exactly who we are. I know my path has certainly be long, and I'm sure I've gone in circles many times, but eventually (no matter how long and tedious) we end up knowing more of who we are. There comes a time when (at least for me) you stop seeing how others see you, and reach down inside and remember (yes, remember, because it was always there we just tend to forget what with media, friends, and whatnot) what it is that makes us breathe.

What keeps our fire burning. Where our passion lies. When do you feel most alive? And why? What makes your heart race and brings a smile more radiant than any glamour shot queen you'll ever see to your face?

These are the things that are important. Little failures come to us all; they are the lessons we pick up and carry with us forever, the things that sculpt us into the people we are supposed to be.

It's okay to trip and stumble. No one ever climbed Mount Everest without a few scrapes and bumps, and surely life is the biggest climb of them all.

So yeah, I'm done rambling like a madwoman. Peace out, yo.

Love you, Sarah!

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