Okay. Next post. Right.

So here is where I get weepy/sappy/slap-happy/etc.

Hey you. I miss you. Yep, I do. You may not realize it, but seriously -- I do. I was thinking the other ... hour or day or whenever it was because I can't have a sense of time right now -- but I was thinking right then that I miss you and so I thought that you might want to know.

Do you know?

Sometimes I think that there are feelings -- emotions -- that transcend distance and hardships and the empty void that fills the space and seems like nothing and everything all at once. And I think that if I can feel it that much -- if I am that aware of how time moves ....

Well, you know what I'm saying, right?

So just in case you didn't know ... I've lost my mind, I'm out of control, I can't be held responsible for these things, I know not what I say, I'm sinking sinking sinking and hoping you've got the lifesaver.

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