it is my fingers
it is kelly's mouth moving
she stands, i type now

The above haiku was created by Stormy, when I complained (in my best high-pitched whiney girl voice) that my back is beginning to hurt. If I happen to go into paralysis or some sort of drooling stupor, I'm giving Stomry permission to take over and type for me.

The problem with this is that she fell asleep once already!! So how can I even TRUST her, huh?!

Oh, woe is me.

And Stormy says, "Hey, I was only asleep for 15 minutes."

Yeah, but what if I had died during those 15 minutes?! Huh... what then??

This is not a filler-type blog. The events contained in this blog are true, not even the names have been changed to protect the quasi-innocent. We just thought you should know about it. Yeah yeah, sue me.

p.s. tune in next time, when we have exactly 15 minutes to get nuts!

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