I'm beginning to think it's time for a movie. I have 5 movies ... so if you figure 2 hours a movie that will keep me busy for the next ... 10 hours. Great. By then it will be ... 3am. Uh. This is not working out how I planned it. I need more movies! Or ... something.

And I still have that headache. And women are running around in loin cloths on my tv.

Strange things.

So anyway -- this site will surely be a lot of fun to watch through the next 21 hours.

Honestly, I'll have more to say once I get control of this headache (I'm thinking vodka or a sledgehammer) AND once I manage to wake up both of my blogging companions. 3 hours into it, and I'm left alone with the remnants of my tater tots and no one to talk to.

I think perhaps I will find ways to torment them in their sleep.

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