I really believe that I don't judge people. I mean... I don't look at things my friends or family do and decide they are good or bad. We all make our own choices and that is good -- it makes us who we are. We might do really stupid things -- I might do really stupid things -- but I don't expect my friends to turn their backs on me because of it.

I treat my friends all the same. If you make a decision that I consider bad, I might say something, but I would never condem you for it.

I just don't do that.

And I don't care what you wear, listen to, read or don't read, believe in, who you talk to, or anything else.

I except you as you are.

I'm a friend, not a God or judge.

I'm here when you need me, I'm quiet when you need quiet. I'll hold your hand and walk you through the worst problems you ever face. I'll make silly faces and dance like a teenager to bad music when you need to laugh.

So please, don't throw stones at me for my decisions, my beliefs, my morals.

I don't feel like this is asking a lot. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone makes their own choices.

I, for one, am glad of that. I like the ability to be my own person. Don't you?

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