A few things that must be said:

Shannon called tonight from New York. She had plenty of good call backs from the agencies and her person from JRP spoke with the people from Brazil (I forget the agency name) and they asked if she would move to Brazil. Wow. Shannon told me that she would. She didn't even take 2 seconds to think it over. So once again, send her vibes and prayers and good stuff -- she talks to them tomorrow. Also, tomorrow is the second award ceremony and if she wins an award she wins money -- which she seriously needs to pay back all this trip fiasco debt. So!! Good luck my lovely sister!

I went to another bird store today. I got bit -- HARD -- by a Jardine parrot. They are in the same family as the Meyer and Senegal but are a bit plumper and just a tiny bit larger. And for some reason their beaks seem much bigger and more curved. Sadly, I don't think this store pampers its birds a lot, because there were SO many there, and really they were very nervous and high strung. So I doubt that was a good introduction to a Jardine. Ah, well. I went back to the other store where I met the Meyer and fell in love all over again. Steven is in love with the Senegal, which does seem to have a bit more personality and makes a lot of baby noises so he might be a good talker. We'll see. I still need a cage. And uhm, money. It's nice to look, though.

There is a LOT of other stuff to discuss, but I'm going to cut this short and touch on some nifty wonderful fantabulous other things later, when I have time to get into it. Whee!

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