Okay, in the hopes that I stop getting yelled at, I'm going to blog.

But you know how it is when you have soo much to say and damn, it just feels like you'd rather say nothing than have to go through it all? No? Well, so what. I know what I mean, and sometimes recreating these things is very draining. Anyway!

So, last week was Florida. How do I even begin to explain..? It was ultimately cool to be in Florida as the same time as my sister, though I wish we had more time together to run amuk. I'm sure, however, that we'll get that chance another time. We did many very cool things like riding in a flight simulator and having lunch at McGuire's, the worlds coolest Irish pub. I also spent many, many nights sitting outside talking to my (rather intoxicated) father. Interesting. And it was superb to see my Grandma again; she's an exceptional lady.

But now I'm back, I aced my exams on Tuesday and my finals are on the 9th, which is exceptionally joyful, since I can't wait to be free of studying until August.

What else? I gave up all dairy and meat products. Imagine that. And since May 28th or so, I've lost almost 20 pounds. Crazy.

In other news, my dearest friend has returned to Modus, so I'm rather excited about that. And Trever drew some fabulous artwork depicting (perfectly, I might add) a dream I had. Oh, and Crystal and I are touring Europe next year. I'm taking donations.

So yeah, things are looking up, in a lot of ways. And who knows, when my classes are over, I might actually post more.

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