Did I mention that things are looking up?

Last night, Matt went to Vrodan's Bookstore in Pasedena, California to meet Neil Gaiman. He waited in line for a perposterously long time, listened to Neil read 10 (TEN!!) pages of American Gods, listened to the Q&A period (What's Neil's favorite curse word? Fuck.) and waited some more ... bought himself a copy of American Gods, and bought ME a copy of the illustrated! Stardust. He then had Neil sign them both, took a few pictures, and returned home to tell me all about it. And -- Matt will be in town on Sunday, so I get to meet him -- yeah, did I mention this is a friend I've never even seen face to face -- and he'l give me the book then.

Can you believe that? Honestly, he's restored my faith in mankind. What a sweet, sweet thing for him to do.

Of course he also teased me with snippets about Neil (his accent, the leather jacket, the HAIR) so I was deliciously sad and jealous but at the same time just ecstatic that I now have (or will soon!) a book signed by Neil, to me -- and it just happens to be the book that inspired a lot of my latest writing.

Thanks, Matt. You rock.

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