Slight parenting nervous breakdown today.

I took D. to his kindergarten screening and he did fine for who he is, but I really was disappointed in the way they had the whole thing set up. This is a charter school that bases it's educational model off of the theory of multiple intelligences... and I don't know... I just expected ... more, somehow.

So I finished reading my new book tonight, and it helped. Daegan definitely has a logical-mathematical intelligence thing going for him ... he's so curious and cause and effect oriented.

I just want the best possible education for him. So I decided to cruise for information on Kindergarten readiness and found this which somehow led me to this and also this, which he scored 110 in. But a lot of this stuff (besides the MI info) was sort of backwards thinking, I thought.

Anyway, having confirmed my belief on the type of learning that would best suit him, I think I shall storm the school and have a little chat with the counselor or principle there.

OH dear, I really do sound like a mom now, don't I? :)

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