Ben and Sarah left this morning.

We had a wonderful time -- it was soo nice to finally meet them both. I was sort of nervous -- because, you know... well, maybe you don't, but I know you do ... I can be rather self-conscious and shy in siuations ... all depending on my weird moods, of course... but I think it was a great time. :)

They got here Friday evening, and we just sort of hung out and talked and ordered chinese food... they wanted garlic chicken, but the lovely restaurant sent some weird dark leech infested chickenish stew of some sort. But Ben seemed to enjoy it. Shannon and I forced lo mein on Sarah, though, since the leechy weirdness was hotter than Hell. Yes, that's right... hotter than Hell.

Saturday we got all cultural and went to May Fest, which was basically a large assortment of useless booths and a lot of rain. But we got kettle corn, damn it! And FREE ice cream! And.. and... I have a turtle ring now! Yay! We also tried to find our inherent circus freak traits. Ben can invert his legs in what only can be labeled as "Damn Sarah is lucky", I can do a fun yet incredibly dumb-looking "dance of the duble jointed thumbs and wrists", and Sarah (though she thinks she has no circus freak trait) can find many uses for flowery barrettes and make just about anyone on the planet smile, so who can complain?

We also ate at Razoo's, a cajun place downtown... and YUM it was soo good! Shannon and I drank enough liquor for everyone, and I danced to cajun(?) music in my chair. Woo. And then there was Barnes & Nobles, Wal-Mart(!), dancing in rain puddles, chai, coffee, face masks, sex books, video games, and silliness. And sleep.

And Goodbye. And I had to force myself not to cry. I've known Ben for 5 years, and Sarah for less than one, and this was the first time we actually got to talk face to face, and hug, and laugh... and stuff. And I really have to hope that it's not the last time.

I miss them already.

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