Okay, back to the important stuff. I am all set for summer classes -- tuition paid, books bought, la de da. Steven wants to take sociology with me. I figure it can't hurt, and since I don't actually have to go TO a class for these, he may enjoy it. Who knows.

Soo, let's see. Crystal is redesigning, therefore, I want to redesign too. But I don't want to devote the time to it. How bad am I? I imagine someday I will get to it, and someday my sister and I will start blogging, too. Hahaha! Whew, that was funny.

Heh heh, where was I? Oh right -- I got four hours of sleep and now my house is full of children and laughter and Nintendo blips and beeps.

I already miss my class ... I always wondered how I would know what my purpose was, my calling, my reason for being here, blah blah blah ... and now I know.

When you know, you just ... know.

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