Oh! I almost forgot ...

Things I Noticed on the Night O' Preparation:

* Shannon to Gilbert (resident fluffy puppy): "Don't eat my feathers!"
* Sarah, on fashion: "Yeah, when I got my first pair of (insert spiffy namebrand here) jeans, I wouldn't wear any shirts that might cover up the label."
* Conversation about Sarah, at drunken parties:
Sarah: "I bit a man's ass!"
Shannon: "On purpose?"
Me: "No Shannon, she thought it was cake."
* Women are unusually filled with attitude. This happens only when a woman alone encounters a group of women. The lone woman will typically take on a fierce look of "I can kick your ass" while walking past the group of women. Or at least, this is what happens when Shan, Sarah, and I are out together. What is up with that?
* Bouquets of silk flowers are NOT meant to be cut with an X-acto razor blade.
* Cutting double sided sticky tape is NOT fun.
* The cloth bands that go around certain types of straw hats make really nifty headbands when torn from the hat!
* I look really bad with bright blue hair.
* Sewing things with feathers is NOT fun.

Well, there you go. This really doesn't do justice to the amount of zany fun that was had last night, but whatever. Shannon is, as I write this, off posing and being glamorous. I'm sitting in my pajamas deciding if I really want to go buy some paints at the craft store. And Sarah ... well, she might be at work. Then again, she might be hungover and lying in bed.

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