I can't breathe. For some reason, whenever I stay up late I wake up the next morning and feel mostly noseless. Or at the very least, like I have a useless nose. I really don't understand the relationship between lack of sleep and allergic stuffy nose annoyance.

Last night I went over to my sis's house to help her get ready for a photo shoot. We sorted through clothes and talked about ideas and eventually the night ended with me sewing and taping and cutting and filing and buffing various things (dress, dress, silk flowers, fingernails, in that order actually) while we talked some more and complained and generally had a lovely little sister time.

While doing all this (which included a 2 hour trip to Wal-Mart; 30 minutes of shopping, 1.5 hours in line with a lot of very rude people) it was impossible to not notice the difference in my sister. I mean, yeah, she moved out basically last summer ... and yeah, she's obviously an adult and has been for a few years now ... but there's more to being an adult than age, and she's certainly reached a level of maturity and seriousness about her work that I've never seen before. We've gone down this road before, I've stood by her side when she prepared for modeling events of any given nature ... but this is different.

Kelly's little sister is all grown up and ferociously determined now ... and I have to wonder how long it will be before she's moving away and doing her own thing.

Congratulation's Shannon -- no matter where you go from here you've found your own style; a sense of grace and class mixed with a beautiful free spirit that many people will never know. I'm truly proud of you. No matter what happens in July.

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