Have you ever lost touch (but not really lost it, because you could get in touch but for some reason you just can't manage to do it?) with someone important?

I don't mean losing touch with somone you used to go to school with, or misplacing the phone number of a friend from an old job or anything ...

I mean ... have you ever felt like you've fallen out of grace with one of the only people that you ever truly felt bonded to?

I feel like I've lost a sister (No, Shannon dear, not you). Like a lifeline has broken, and something is hideously wrong now.

It's probably one of the most agonizing feelings in the world.

It's very lonely without her.

Because I can build other friendships, and I have other (however few) people that I can share visions with ... but I just can't fill the empty space that she used to occupy.

So each day I send out silent little prayers, and hope that she is well. And each night I go to sleep, and wonder how someone so tremendously important to me can vanish so quickly.

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