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I have my second interview for the assistant director position this Wednesday night. I bought a new suit. For some reason, I detest wearing skirted suits. So this is another pants suit, black with a nifty little top to go with it. Very modern. I like it, oh yes, I do.

In thinking about this assist. director position ... I am sort of uncertain. The job pays much better than my teaching position ... but -- I won't be strictly teaching anymore, and I will miss buying classroom supplies and books about nifty things, and all that. But! I have the opportunity to turn the extended day program into something worthwhile, and I will have my hand on the pulse of the school, and maybe! just maybe, I will effect some good changes.

IF I get the job. Wish me well.

I am still incredibly addicted to Black and White. I just can't stop playing. I've restarted more times than I care to admit, to try different tactics, use different Creatures, and whatnot. It's all very exciting. I'll be restarting again tomorrow.

My sister and I (did I mention this already?) will be starting our very own co-authored blog. That is, of course, as soon as we decide on a design and content. But, eventually, we'll do it. I'll be sure to keep you updated on it's progress. So far, it's been like this:

Me: "Hey, Shan, you'll hate this idea -- let's do a blog together. Please please please please please!"

Her: "Kelly, I love you, you silly freaky girl! Of course I would love to do that! Let's do it!"

Me: "Wow! Really?? I am sooo excited. Okay, we need a title and a design. Here are my ideas ... (many
ideas here). What do you think?"

Her: "Uhm, let me get back to you."

Me, one week later: "What do you think?"

Her: "Uhm, I really haven't had time to think about it. Let me get back to you."

Me, two weeks later: "Hey, remember our site? What--"

Her: "Oh, right... yeah, I really want to do that. Let's do it!"

So anyway, I'm thinking I'll make some crazy design and she'll either love it or hate it and bitch a lot. Which, of course, will be fun for you, our loyal readers(That don't exist yet. But let's not argue).

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