It takes so little to make my day.

Yesterday I came home to unexpected email. Today I find that my lovely sis has decided to start commenting, and Crystal has been putting her two cents in, too! Much happiness. Comments are nice.

And off to something totally unrelated. I did something daring last night. I know what you're thinking ... 'YOU were daring?' But yes, I was! I laughed in the face of danger.

I went to a public gym.

I pranced around the track. Well, okay ... it was more of a fast-paced stride while nervously glancing around at my surroundings. I lifted many weights. I journeyed to far and distant (how redundant is that?) lands. Well, not really, but had that bike not been recumbant, I would have, damn it! I braved the dark, damp locker rooms. I survived.

And this I vow -- I will remain working out from home, thank you very much.

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