Woo! Two posts in one day. What you're about to notice is that I have undergone an incredible mood swing since the earlier entry.

A few reasons for this:
Trever is an amazing person.
I finally stood up for myself.
I just went through a complete evaluation of myself.
Another rock off the wall has fallen, and I can see just a bit more light.

Labwork tomorrow! I almost forgot and ate ice cream tonight but I am supposed to be fasting. Do cigarettes and water count against me? Ugh, I know -- I shouldn't smoke. I had quit and I was doing so well, but then I had to go and get stressed out and use it as a reason to smoke. Not smart at all!

Okay -- I'm in a list making mood (Yeah, I'm a Virgo, shut up), so here we go...

What I've Noticed Lately:
~ Rain is incredibly inspirational
~ People, opposed to my prior beliefs, can be inherently mean
~ While kittens may make life better, wild jungle cats that constantly dump over the trash can are VERY frustrating
~ Anything is possible with a little hope
~ I have the ability to be strong
~ My sister is one of the coolest human beings on the planet
~ Making custom CDs is heaven
~ True friends don't judge you, and everyone else isn't worth the time to worry about
~ Waiting until the last minute to register for school is the worst decision you can make
~ I can be creative and writing about the future is actually pretty interesting
~ Living in fear is the same thing as being dead
~ It's okay to lean on people for support sometimes, the world is a little too large to hold up on my own
~ Looking at pictures of the person you love can make just about any worries melt away

Whee. So that's it. Not really, I could go on for quite some time, but I'll spare you the rambling.

And thank you, Meda, for telling me to post again.

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