What a truly amazing day. I am blessed with the best family and friends. I sit here tonight, honestly in awe of how lucky I am. I only hope that everyone out there is as fortunate as me, and has atleast one person close to them -- one person that they can depend on no matter what, one person that they know, beyond any doubt, will never judge them. One person. That's all it takes really, to show us how good things can be. And yet, I am just beginning to realize how many I have. All over the world, even. Each person that touches my life ... I count them as significant to my growth -- important in different ways, yet each one is vital to my being. I love all of them, in so many ways.

My sister, Shannon, never fails to amaze me, though. What can I say? The woman knows how to make me float with extreme happiness. She gave me the most excellent gift today. (Besides the gift of sisterhood, which is wonderful in itself) She bought (and had framed!) one of those cool Shakespeare posters, that has an entire play on it. Knowing that some of my favorite quotes come from A Midsummer Night's Dream, that is the one she got me. The entire play is on it, and in the middle, is the title along with a gorgeous picture of a fairy. I love it. It is BIG, though. Wow. I haven't decided where I will put it yet, but I'm staring at it right now, and falling in love with it all over again. What a perfect sister I have. I only hope she knows how special she is to me.

My very favorite musician EVER was playing tonight, so that was yet another perfect thing to happen today. Her name is Tiffany Shea, and each time I see her, I am inspired to the very core of my being. Her voice is angelic and reaches every level of the spectrum and then some. She played a few new songs tonight, including one called "Sensitive", which I think is my new favorite. We'll see. I never really understood why people made fan pages before. I'm honestly thinking of making one for Tiffany, though. She's a goddess. Even if she *did* make me get up on a table while she sang Happy Birthday to me. Yikes.

What a marvelous day. For once, I think I am speechless. And as usual, I am in tears. How very blessed I am. 26 years. It's time to stop looking back, and start truly reaching forward, as I've never done before. It's time to let go of SO much baggage. My back hurts, you know? Time to cut loose. Time to run a little, be a little reckless. Take chances. Mmm. I feel so good today. I want to capture this feeling and bottle it up. And anytime I feel the tug of regret beginning to snag me, to pull me down... I want to dig out that bottle and open it up ... and feel t h i s all over again.

It's not often I know this feeling ... I think they call it ... satisfaction.

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