Hurray for people impassioned about their work! There is something contagious about being near a person in love with what they do. You can hear it in their voice, see it in the way their face lights up when they are talking. It's magical. It's what life should be about. When near someone that has found their true purpose, you can breathe it in the atmosphere.


The ecology/primatology discussion was simply inspiring. The speaker was Sheri Steward. She's a local ecology teacher, and has spent much time in Africa (and that's just for starters!) working with scientists such as Jane Goodall (One of my personal heroes) and Biruté Galdikas (known for her research with orangutans). Ms. Steward has inspired her students to take action and make a difference in the world. There should be more teachers like this in the world.

In fact, there should be more people like this in the world. In our own way, aren't we all teachers? If I say I care about something, aren't I sworn to DO something about it? I believe I am. My children will learn to be lazy and apathetic if I turn my back to the problems around us. If I turn my back to society, I am turning my back to my children.

I cannot do that.

Also, today, I turned on the tele. I rarely do this, but for some reason today I decided I needed some Oprah. Another fabulous decision! Today Oprah discussed the way women around the world are treated. I had no idea that in Pakistan, "honor" killings are legal. If a woman wants a divorce or is raped, a man in her family can legally kill her -- by being raped, she brings shame to the family. Getting rid of her gets rid of the shame. What a concept. This is the year 2000. Because women in America have made minimal progress, a vast majority of people tend to ignore (or do not even know) about the atrocities going on in other countries.

It's time to stop being selfish. Doing nothing is as much a choice as doing something. If you know about something that is going on that is WRONG, you should act on it. If your daughter, mother, brother, sister, father, friend, whoever! was hurting -- wouldn't you help them?

Why should one person be valued more than another? We all breathe the same dirty air. We all sleep, dream, eat and desire. Perhaps when we stop worrying about how to get ahead and start worrying about how to heal each other, we may actually find ourselves in a happier, more productive world.

It's a lot of 'what ifs' and 'maybes', I know. I suppose having a few of my most treasured interests thrown back in my face after I let myself become numb ... well, it's as if I've awoken from a deep slumber. I feel refreshed. My clarity less muddled, I even feel as if the depression gremlin has slipped away a little. And my motivation to return to my lost loves is optimal. The fire of renewed passion is something I hope everyone feels from time to time.

And now, things I hope you will take the time to look at. They mean a lot to me, and I hope they will mean a lot to you, too.

Jane Goodall and her extraordinary work ... and how you can help. These are mans closest relatives. Did you know that chimpanzees genetically match us at 98%? Also, gorillas match us 97%, and their blood is indistinguishable as different, even under a microscope. Sadly, there are less than 450 mountain gorillas left in the world.

Camp Leakey and the orangutans. One of the Great Apes, orangutans are gentle creatures that are all too often poached and sold in the black market for an astonishing amount of money.

Equality Now. Learn how basic human rights are denied to women across the globe, and how you can help.

Women for Women. This outreach program allows you to become involved in another woman's life, affecting her life in a very positive way. Please stop by and learn more. Don't miss the very cool CD offer that benefits these women that truly need our help.

Okay. That's enough for now, I think. I am not saying that these issues take precedence over others. There are so many different areas where we all can help out. Choose something -- anything! and get out there.

Today, make somebody's life a little better. Smile at someone on the street. Hold the door open for a stranger. Donate food to your local food drive. Take old blankets to a homeless shelter. You can make a difference, you only have to try.

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