Due to some girl I don't even know, I have fallen in love with classical music all over again. It's funny how I can completely forget about something, and then with the slightest nudge I have fallen in love with it all over again. I've been listening to some compilation CD's as well as a few things off the beloved Napster throughout the day, and I have to admit, it's had a calming effect on me.

Truthfully, it caused me to remember that my love for beautiful music has been lifelong. I recall listening to our only local classical radio station in junior high school -- each night, to help me fall asleep (Yes, even then I was plagued with insomnia). When my best friends were listening to pop and R&B, I was imagining playing in an orchestra. What a way to fit in. I was never any good at that childhood game of blending in with my peers.

Of course, I suppose it's not a childhood game. It's an adult game as well. And I still haven't learned the rules. Sometimes I wish that I cared more what other people thought about me. Sometimes I think it would be lovely to go to a friends house and sit around and talk about the weather and our familes and the way certain fashion trends have changed...

And then, of course, I regain my senses. Regardless of whether or not I have many friends that understand where I am coming from, atleast the ones I *do* have enjoy my quirks. And ... I am finding more and more people that I feel a common bond with. However, it's such a new experience to me, that I normally end up hushing myself for fear of being seen as foolish.

What a dilema.

Somehow I've managed to completely leave the music rant I began with. And that all began with a woman I don't even know. How wonderful the Internet is. Through a friend of a friend of a link of a link, I can experience a myriad of things. Pachelbel's Canon in D. I couldn't recall it, so I Napped it, and that became a catalyst to my rediscovery of my love for beautiful music.

Funny how people we don't even know can change our entire day. And some, our entire life. I've met people online that have opened my eyes to a vast amount of things. I will never see these people face to face, but the conversations we share are more indepth than most I have had with the people I see on a daily basis. It's almost scary. Still, I find myself very thankful.

But now, I have much studying to do. And a little more music to enjoy, before I drift off to sleep.

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