#EveryDayinMay - Tuesday 10

Every Tuesday, Crystal shares 10 things worth knowing.
Today, I copy her... but with less worthiness! I give you...

10 Things I'm Loving (For Now)

  1. This video. You guys. You guys. There are a multitude of reasons this video should be nowhere near my happy list. I mean, my sister used to model. Also, there was that small tirade I started on FaceBook about how we as a society need to spend more time lifting people up and less laughing at their mistakes. So, yeah. I know. This video launches me right into a big fat cup o' hypocrisy. Don't care. Can't help myself. Because you guys -- those ankles! What on earth is going on there??

  2. Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo. Now, Kate (I'm pretty sure we'd be BFF's if we met, so I'm going with the first name familiar, here) is one of my long-time favorite children's authors. Ever since I read The Tale of Despereaux, I've been hooked. You should be too. Flora & Ulysses is just another brilliant work for children in a long line of fabulous books. My 3rd and 4th grade book club members are loving it!

  3. Theneeds.com, which I currently think of as FaceBook or Twitter for smart people. I sort of hate to say that, because I already think of Twitter as FaceBook for smart people. TheNeeds is more about content sourcing than general social media type banter. I found it via the Chrome App store a couple months ago, taught it all my specialized interests, and now I have a 24/7 stream of news and blogs to follow. Brilliant.

  4. These snails. These snails make me happy. Tell me how you don't love a photographer that says, "I photograph all insect but snails have touched my heart particularly. I think that snails are simply extraordinary not only in their shape and form but also in their beauty and behavior. They are magic creatures for me." (quoted from the link above)
    Photo Credit

  5. My ├╝ber cool new Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (whoa, that's a mouthful. Let's just call it RLSMLMF... hmm, no. I'm going with Rimmel MatMousse. Way easier.) I got this from Influenster in my last voxbox and it is definitely my go-to foundation now. Lasts forever, looks great on, and doesn't feel like I'm swimming in foundation. Love. It. Go getcha some.

  6. Backpacking. My pack is slowly filling with supplies, I'm hungrily devouring my Ozark Highlands Trail guidebook, and my sweet hiking boots are slowly being broken in. The Husband and I just may be able to break away for a weekend soon to take a test run with all our gear. Can. Not. Wait. (Also, weather: please don't be 150 degrees or dropping tornadoes all willy-nilly when I'm trying to be all nature-y. Kthx.)

  7. Hey Brother, by Avicii. 

  8. Mary Oliver. Oh Mary Oliver, where have you been all my life? I'm currently smitten by The Hermit Crab, since I have previously rambled profusely about my own proclivity toward being a hermitty crab myself.

  9. Welcome to Night Vale. The ever genius and darling Crystal recommended this podcast to me, and honestly, I can't believe I hadn't been listening in all along. It's creepy, funny, and totally unique. And where else can you find a mayoral race between a five headed dragon and the faceless old woman secretly living in your home? Trust me, this is something you don't want to miss.

  10. And finally.... 


  1. Yay for Night Vale! Thank Jamie for that one. And dude, I don't think Influenster loves me anymore. They send you cool foundation, they send me cheese.

  2. They also sent me tampons. I'll trade you for the cheese.

  3. Came to your site because of Poetry Friday -- yes to Wm. Stafford, Mary Oliver, and snail photographers! I will have to check out Theneeds.com.

    1. Glad you stopped by, Tabatha! And doubly glad we share a love of poets and apparently snail photos, too! :)