#EveryDayinMay - An Adventure in Every Moment

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Maybe I owe it to the end of this first semester of grad school, but I'm in a rather reflective place right now. In the past few months I have written so much more, and almost all of it by hand with the beautiful fountain pen The Husband gave me for Christmas. The writing definitely puts me in the mindset to think about my thinking, as well. Top that with the research I've been up to my newly sprouting grey hairs with -- all about our journey in life, physical journeys, and personal healing -- and I'm a breeding ground for deep, metaphysical thinking.

Looking forward, I see adventure and travel and love and so much writing. It's a nice view, but one I'm apt to only glance at briefly. What is most important to me is the now. Why focus only on future plans for adventure when I can be off adventuring right now, every day, every moment.

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I think it is up to each person to define what adventure means for them. My mom reminded me of this recently. Upon hearing about my plan to hike the OHT and the desire to go alone, she commented that nobody should hike alone. By the end of the conversation, we both agreed that each person should decide for themselves whether or not a long solo hike was a good idea. She said it wasn't something she would want to do, and that's fine. In fact, it's good. I don't think everyone needs to have every experience in order to be happy. We all find happiness in our own way, in our own space.

So, the adventure. Must an adventure only be defined as some epic, grand scale journey through rough seas and unknown territories? Or can we find adventure in places as mundane as the office, the kitchen, or even curled up with a good book on the couch?

Maybe the decision to live each moment as a grand adventure of its own is in itself a grand adventure. If I am always on the lookout for the beauty and exhilaration typical of adventure, I'm fairly certain I'll find it. Even in the library.

Especially in the library.

Today in the library I was a scientist, a teacher, a photographer, a researcher, a friend, a solver of mysteries, and even a storm chaser.

Right now, our 5th graders are adventuring in the world of
bridge engineering! Love being on this journey with them.
And that doesn't even capture what happened after I left work and ventured home. Rather a full day, don't you think?

I'm eager to see what adventures come my way tomorrow. What adventures have you been on lately?

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