#SOL14 One Little Word

My One Little Word for 2014 is light.

Typically I identify with my word easily and it slips right into my life. I notice it taking shape throughout the year and know I've chosen well.

Only two months into 2014 and I wonder when the meaning I sought behind light will appear.

This year I want to keep things light, notice the brilliance in every day moments, embrace opportunities to let my life shine.

Only two months into 2014 and it has been a struggle. I am seeking light, but finding many shadows in the way. But still, I'm a silver-lining kind of girl. The light is there, if we just keep looking long enough.

Last night I sat on the bench swing in our backyard with my sassy little (step)daughter. Though she is barely eight years old, our relationship has been a struggle. She pushes, I pull; round and round we go. I love this brave little strong-hearted girl as if she were my own, and finally last night as we sat beneath the stars and chatted about this and that and big girl problems in little girl words, the world stopped for a second and gave us our moment to shine.

We giggled in the dark and traded secrets and truths that whispered away into the night air.

We sat in our own little bubble of light, if only for just one moment.

And that's all that really matters, isn't it?

All those little moments that build into the life we make for ourselves.


  1. Oh, I can see you two on the bench swing with your light shining. I am so happy for that moment, and I'm sure there will be more to come. We all could use a friend and a bench swing to open up to our big girl problems. That sassy little girl you love is laughing and giggling and loving you, too. I just know it.

  2. This just made my heart melt. It is all that matters.....

  3. sometimes it is the smallest moments which are the biggest, I could feel your bond deepen with each other. I like the word light, it is a nice reminder to look for what truly matters

  4. What a wonderful moment! This feels like a memory you will treasure as your little one grows up. I particularly love the line: "chatted about this and that and big girl problems in little girl words"...so well put.