#SOL14 - Goodnight, Dear Slicers, Goodnight

Tonight I sent in my poetry for the third assignment in the class I'm taking. I set out to write poems from the perspectives of different women in today's society. What I ended up with was more of a social commentary type of poem; not anything I thought I would ever write.

There are two poems on motherhood, though only one made the final cut. The rest of the poems cover feminism, aging, false beauty, sex trafficking, and goddesses -- ancient and modern. Interesting to me, was the fact that I don't necessarily agree with the perspective of each poem. Some are more about being misunderstood than anything else. But I'm glad I wrote them, and I believe I'll keep writing around this subject. There is so much to cover on the topic of the 21st Century Woman; I have material for days.

I was sad not to be able to send the second poem on motherhood. It was one of the softer pieces I wrote, but just didn't feel finished. In fact, I think it's only about halfway done. I very much love the current last lines, though. And I think they are fitting for the last night of this March Slice of Life Challenge:

She sits beside the quiet
like a stranger.

And... goodnight, dear readers, goodnight.

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  1. beautiful! I can't wait until the poem is finished and posted- hopefully you will continue posting on Tuesdays