Slice of Life Tuesday: Everybody Wants a Robot Monkey

The dogs are on my very last nerve tonight, so I grumble at Daisy and say, "I wish you were a robot monkey instead of a dog!"

The Husband stops what he is doing, turns to looks at me and shakes his head.

"Who even says... WHERE did you even come up with... I mean, sometimes... the things you say. I just don't know."

"What?" I say, quick to defend my brilliance, "Robot monkeys are way better than dogs. If people could choose, everyone would want a robot monkey."

"Uh. Okay... but where did you even come up with that?"

"It's sort of obvious. You can train monkeys to do whatever you want, but robots have to live by the three rules of robot law. So they can't kill you when you sleep. Or throw poo at you. I mean, duh. It's definitely the best of both worlds."

He just keeps shaking his head.

Just another typical night at home.


  1. Robot monkeys probably don't shed or have flatulence issues! And they would never steal the meat that's thawing off the kitchen counter! Sign me up for one!

  2. I totally want a robot monkey now...especially the not killing and no poo throwing...Could I take it to my classroom too! That would be awesome!

    The Other Side of the Equation