#Slice2013 - Day 24 o 31

But what about the floor?

This floor is how I spent most of my day. Still unfinished, but nearly done. And I love it.

I love that after The Husband's original paper rendition didn't quite match the look I was hoping for didn't work out, I gave it a try myself. I love that I struggled through the math bits that I hate and figured out how to align everything the right way. I love that The Husband and I took my paper measurements and were able to work together to measure and layout the design on the floor. I even loved learning how to use a chalk line, even though it hurt my fingers! And I love that we put the lines on the floor together.

I've been painting in the dark blue diamonds with a sponge brush, and although it takes quite a bit of time, I truly enjoy it. Every outline is difficult, with me arched over the space I'm working on, arm braced against a knee or leg or floor, delicately following the sometimes barely-there chalk line, to make a perfect-as-I-can-manage straight line. But I feel so good about the work I have put into this floor.

The Littles run up to the doorway every once in a while and cheer me on. So also, I love how excited they are about the floor I'm creating for their room.

And all that frustrationangeraggravationdespair that made me regret ever having torn up the carpet in the first place?


I love this floor, and the home that it is in, and my family that will soon, oh so soon, be moving in.

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  1. Kelly,

    Your words are full of pride and accomplishment. Good for you. It's a great feeling and a great looking floor too. ~ Theresa