#Slice2013 - Day 21 of 31

Today is a day filled with possibility. (And so is tomorrow, if I choose to focus on the positive.)

Today Dos took off his bandages and marveled at his "big swollen lump of a knee," and later marveled at the knee taking shape as the swelling went down. Tomorrow? Well, tomorrow he might go back to school, depending on how he feels.

Today I was back in class, writing alongside students. We talked about what was working and what was not. I asked the right questions, and they found their own answers. Tomorrow? Tomorrow we'll do a read around, celebrating the craft they've been developing all year.

Today I stepped out into an unknown area and said YES, even though I was nervous. I met some new friends. I spoke up when I wanted to shut down. Tomorrow? Tomorrow I'll meet more friends, I'll stick to my plans, I'll work on the dream of financial freedom. Because dreams without work don't equal success.

Today I choose time for myself and The Husband, instead of squeezing in a few extra hours working on the house. We laughed and lazed about and enjoyed a quiet house. Tomorrow? Tomorrow we'll be back in the house, Littles running about squealing and giggling about their new room.

Today was a very good day (not despite the grumpy-mumpy bits, but alongside them) and tomorrow holds an entire new set of happy possibilities.

And for all that, and so much more, I am thankful.

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