#Slice 2013: 1 of 31

Indecision. That's where I have been sitting for the last week month or so, trying to decide what I want to say in this first slice, trying to decide if I should write my slices on this blog (as I did last year) or the new teaching blog I've wanted to focus on over at Ninjas with Notebooks, and trying to decide on a plan to get me writing every day -- no excuses!

Well! Nothing like a deadline to make those decisions happen. For the sake of consistency, I'm keeping my slices here. And since the muse is being shy (much thanks to my dusty writing habits, I'm sure!), I'm writing about what's most pressing -- the decision to write, every day, no matter what.

My students already do this. I've watched them bloom from timid to tenacious when it comes to their writing time. Often they beg for more -- more time to write and definitely more time to share. I'm proud of the writers they have become, and the writing yet to be seen.

But I have fallen out of the habit of writing beside them during their morning journaling (free writing) time. I'm too busy catching up, preparing, organizing, doing all those last minute things that seem to sideswipe my days. It's humbling to admit, and embarassing. This is a habit that is not good for them or me.

This week I have reorganized my room and my files in hopes that I can stay on top of it all! After seven months at my new district, on my new campus, with my new learners and coworkers, I feel like I might finally be settling in. (But not settling down!)

It's time to focus on my own craft for a while. I couldn't be more pleased that March is here -- a deadline that came just in time.


  1. Good for you Kelly! I love the image and sound of timid to tenacious. Dust off those skills and continue to play with words.

  2. The thing with writing is that you can always get back in the writing habit...especially with a writing community of slicers to keep you going!

  3. I am totally jealous of the thought of getting to have time to write at the same time as a group of students every day! I hope you are able to get back to it :)
    Looking forward to more slices.

  4. I can totally relate to this need to get back to my writing, Kelly. It is so easy to let things take you away from it. I'm plunging into this for the first time and, like you, am so happy to focus on me. Btw, I love the name of your personal blog and of your classroom blog!