L: lame-sauce, lashes, lists, lock


I created this term. I also coined the term “awesome sauce.” If you've heard or used it, you're welcome. I'm pretty thrilled with it, too.
Then, last season, I heard my new phrase “awesome sauce” used on the show Community. I feel robbed. Couldn’t they at least have put me in the credits?

Use of jazzy new slang “awesome sauce”………………………….Kelly Mogk

I mean, that would have to go far on my résumé? Right?

The older I become, the lighter my lashes are. Soon, I fear they will be completely white. And no one was ever known as supremely awesome for their snow-white lashes.

I will make lists for just about anything. Lists are a thing of beauty. Lists are made to be crossed out – and OH – the crossing out of said lists… what joy! What wonder! I do love a good list.

When you work in a school, bathroom locations are particularly dicey. They are always near things like the cafeteria or the gym or the offices. I mean, I guess this makes sense – put the bathrooms were the greatest concentration of people are. But every time I make a mad dash for the bathroom (again, I said I was a teacher. I have about 30 seconds once a day to make it in and out of a bathroom!), I have to double – okay, triple, check that the lock is clicked in. The thought of a student or coworker opening the door to find my with my pants around my ankles or my skirt hiked up mortifies me.


  1. Too funny! I love how silly phrases like this start to spread.

    I'm so thankful - as a resource teacher my kids come in waves, so I do have a few minutes to pee on a relatively regular basis. I'm still dehydrated by the end of any day, though.

  2. Aw.... I had a dog with pure white eyelashes and I thought that was awesome sauce. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet blog is myqualityday.blogspot.com