G: Gaiman, gardening, geese, Grandma Cooper, green light


My sister happened upon Gaiman’s Neverwhere completely by chance during a late night trip to Wal-Mart. This must have been sometime in the mid-90’s. After reading it, she brought it to me with a starry-eyed “You must read this!”
Ever weary of her book recommendations, I accepted it with precaution.
I have hungrily devoured every morsel of his writing ever since.
Sometimes, it seems, Wal-Mart is actually useful.

Between the ages of 5 and 8, I spent most of my time at my Grandma Cooper’s house. More accurately, I spent most of my time in her garden. We picked berries, uprooted carrots, checked tomatoes for the perfect ripeness. Afterward, we’d bake berry cobbler or she’d boil collard greens for dinner.
Each spring, when the seeds and pots and planters start popping up at all the local stores, I think, I really need to start a garden, just like Grandma Cooper.

Are never to be trusted.

The other day I spotted a jar of Bread & Butter pickles at the store. I let out a huge whoop of excitement and rushed over to show my husband.
“Look,” I yelled, “these are the most wonderful pickles on the face of the planet! We must have these pickles!”
There may have been a dance to celebrate said pickles.
Later, while eating my treasured pickles, I turned to him and mentioned that I loved them so much because they tasted just like the pickles my Grandma Cooper used to make.
“I figured,” he said, smiling. “Any time you have a favorite, it has something to do with her.”

Every. single. time. I approach a green light my mind yells, “STALE GREEN LIGHT! BEWARE!”
This is the only thing I remember from my 10th Grade driver’s ed course.


  1. I actually found a John Green book at Wal-Mart - who knew? And Grandmother's are the best - mine made pickled Jerusalem Artichokes and Fig Preserves - hmmm - also Pralines.

  2. We do not have Wal-Mart in Australia and from what I've heard, this is probably a good thing. I've also heard the Neil Gamain is fantastic. I really must investigate his work further.

    Gardening - definitely. Think of all the gardening skills that our grandparents passed on to us that will be lost if we don't practise them for our children? We've set up a vegie garden specifically to pass on that love of gardening/childhood experience to our kids who are still rather little and it seems to be working with our eldest. My grandfather was the avid gardener in our family.

    Thanks for a lovely tour of G :D

    (this A to z thing is fun :D)

    1. Gaiman is a must-read. :) I think just about anyone can find something of his to enjoy.
      And yes, I'm loving my A to Z journey!

  3. I'd forgotten all about bread and butter pickles. Almost worth a trip to Walmart but maybe tomorrow.
    Happy A to Z'ing.

    1. They are just the best! I think I'll go have one right now. :)

  4. Ahh.... Gaiman! What an absolute master of the craft. I adore the creepy deliciousness of his style.

    1. I could just gobble him up! Uhm, his books, I mean... :D

  5. Hey, another Gaiman fan! Nice to meet you. I wrote about him for G too!!! Great post and happy A-Z blogging!

    1. Can't wait to read it! Thanks for popping by!

  6. GEESE. omg yes. YES.

    Also, I'm doing Gaiman for "N" probably :P I have a writer-crush on him. I read his blog and follow him on facebook and read his wife's blog and now I'm mildly obsessed with her music because Duh! It's awesome. Also I love all of his books. Well, the ones I've read. I need to read Sandman.

    1. Yes, Gaiman is my big-time writer crush. I'm afraid I also follow him on every follow-able platform... but I refuse to like his wife! There. I said it! She's dumb. And... all.. wrong for him... or something. :D And yes, you MUST read Sandman!!