B: birthdays, bologna, books


I have a small problem. Okay, small may not cover the truth of the disease. My husband would definitely send me to a support group if such a group existed. I am not physically capable of a mediocre birthday celebration. I want balloons and fanfare and music and a buffet style feast. There should be dozens of birthday-celebrating party-goers, a DJ, and a table piled high with gifts. Or maybe a special birthday vacation, the kind where you steal the birthday girl or boy away on a midnight mystery with nothing but a haphazardly packed bag and the road before you. Yes, birthdays should be special.

So here’s the sad truth. I love bologna and cheese sandwiches. I was practically raised on this strange meatesque substance so you can hardly blame me. If I had to tell you my favorite comfort food, this would top the list. Nothing beats a bologna and cheese sandwich slathered with mayo on white bread. There. The ugly truth is out. If only I had known that one day I was going remove bologna, American cheese, mayo AND white bread from my diet… I might have commemorated that last sandwich – made it an especially “big deal” and celebrated with a holiday each year – in honor of my beloved bologna and cheese sandwich.

Whenever people ask, “What’s your favorite book?” I immediately think of my latest read, not my all-time-favorite.  Then I feel a little guilty, as if I’ve let down my real favorites. And no sooner than the book-questioner walks away, all my real favorites come swimming back into my memory. “Wait!” I want to yell, “I didn’t mean it! Let me tell you about these other books, instead!”


  1. LOL I must confess, I love a bologna and cheese sammich myself. I'm sorry you had to give it up. (psst. esp when the bologna is sliced REALLY thin and the bread is super fresh. Just sayin'. LOL)

    Man, I love that B in your post too.

    I'm totally a sucker for typography!

    1. Me too! (Typography, that is.) It's Kingthings Willow. :)

  2. I can never pick a favorite book, either. There are just too many!

  3. I have my standard answer for my favorite book as Johnny Got His Gun. But then I always think of about 12831285 others that I adore. I also tend to go with most recent. :-)