Read Across America: A Seussified Day!

Today I sat back and watched my class fall into reading all over again.

We read the new pop-up version of The Lorax.
They loved it!
We watched the old version of the cartoon....
Many happy children!
We shared our favorite Dr. Seuss books to our First Grade buddies...

Then we drew our favorite part of the books and helped our buddies write their thoughts...

And everyone had a great time working together!

Suddenly it was time to go home, so we packed up our books, gave out some hugs and high fives, and promised to read through the weekend.

All in all, not a bad Friday.

And on Monday? On Monday, I get to tell my kids that they'll be skyping with author Navjot Kaur for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES on Wednesday!!  I am super hyped and I know they will be too!! I am so glad we got involved for World Read Aloud Day -- can't wait to share this special time with them.


  1. Not a bad Friday, at all! It's great the way you are fostering positive reading experiences.

  2. Wouldn't Dr. Seuss be proud?

  3. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day.
    Full of learning, full of play.
    Oh, the fun in days we spend,
    Reading books with our good friends.

    OK, sorry. Just had to do some kind of rhyming comment. I guess I should leave the writing to Dr. Seuss. Looks like a great day!