Mirror Mirror

When the previews for Mirror Mirror came out, I may have bounced and giggled more than most normal, sane adults.

After all, I have always been a fairy tale girl. Some of my embarrassingly childish favorite movies include Ella Enchanted and Enchanted. No, really. 

So you can imagine my unbridled giddiness upon hearing that Snow White was getting a makeover. I'm a sucker for retold tales.

When the reviews for Mirror Mirror started showing up as less than tantalizing, I was a smidge nervous.

Phrases like "too dumb for adults" and "too twisted for kids" made me worry that Singh had missed the mark. Was it possible that this promising new fairy tale flick wouldn't be able to find a home in my list of girly movie go-to's?

I pushed aside the critics warnings and decided to check it out for myself.

And I couldn't have been more pleased.

Mirror Mirror has everything the spellbound fairy tale enthusiast hopes for: comedy, love, and a bit with a dog. (major props to you if you know which of my non-fairy tale favorites that quote comes from!) Okay, there's really not a dog. Unless you count Julia Robert's character. The Queen is undeniably doggish. But enough about that.

The costuming is outlandish, the visuals are brilliant, and the tension between the characters keeps the story moving along nicely.

Dialogue was the one place I sometimes felt the film landed a trifle on the dull side, but the story itself satisfied the fairy tale girl within.

Once again, I found myself pleased I hadn't crossed a movie off my wishlist due to bad reviews. Now, if only someone will bring Neil Gaiman's wickedly disturbing version of Snow White to life...


  1. I have not been keeping up with movie releases. Thanks for sharing your review with us. Isn't it funny how often critics miss their mark.


  2. So glad you wrote about this...I was wondering about it, but those pesky critics can get in the way. I seldom listen to what they say, but I'm still glad to get a real person's review.

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