Many Colored Days

I have an insatiable love of picture books. It's true. I've been collecting them since long before my children were born, and often buy them just for me. (I know, it's awful.)

It's possible my teacher's motto should be something akin to, "You can teach anything with the right picture book."

Even math.

One of my very most favoritest picture books of all is My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. It's a favorite for about a jillion different reasons, and always fun to share with my class as most of them have never seen it before.

And on days like today -- quiet, reflective, stagnant -- I always think of it.

So I hunted down a video to share with you, since my words want to sit still a bit.

Enjoy. I'm gray today.


  1. I have a book addiction as well. Before I became a literacy coach, I went into 3 fourth grade rooms each week and did math lessons with picture books. It was my favorite part of my day. One of my favorite math picture books is Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream. It's very directly linked with math (not that they all have to be). I enjoyed the video and your the honestly and peace in stating that your words wants to sit still today.

  2. I love "My words want to sit still today"!