Got Inspiration?

In five days, Script Frenzy is upon us. In class, this means one full month of brainstorming and writing side by side -- no test worries, no crazy high-stakes pressure -- just four weeks of writing bliss!

I'm stoked.

The kids are stoked.

(Just one more state writing test to get through first.)

At home, this means something completely different. Currently, it means I am freaking out because I still have no idea what I want to write!

I'd love to play with another graphic novel, but the format takes more time than I have to give right now. So -- no graphic novel!

Stage plays feel too limited. No go, there.

TV Scripts?  While tempting, I'm just not feeling it. Meh.

That pretty much leaves me at screenplay. I'm familiar with it, there's plenty of room for tomfoolery, and I have a strange obsession with movies anyway, so it's probably best anyway.

The problem still remains -- what screenplay shall I write? I believe the dread STAAR test has sucked all my inspiration away.

Chick flick?

Nothing feels right yet -- let's just hope inspiration strikes in the next four days...

there's writing to be done!


  1. I have heard about script frenzy and poked around the website before but I've never participated. What ages do you think it would be appropriate for? Any tips for teachers who haven't done it before? Sounds fun!

  2. Dana - I have done this with my 4th graders for a few years and they always eat it up! Download the lesson plan book for your grade level and use it to teach any lessons you feel they need along the way. I order the classroom kit and we use it to track progress. I think the key to success is helping the kids set reasonable goals, and checking in each day to see where everyone is and what they need. I'd be happy to offer help/support if you try it out! :)

  3. Thanks! I don't have my own students right now (coaching) but I will share it with other teachers and plan to try it next year when I go back to the classroom! Plus, I think this sounds like a good thing to do myself as a writer this year to try it out while I don't have students of my own so I'm ready to implement it next year.