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Yikes, November was busy! I slipped under the radar for a bit, but with good reason!

After much hemming and hawing (what the heck is a hem and haw, anyway?), I have finally plunged back into the world of the living. And by living, I mean actually working towards a healthy life. It's been too long since my ever-growing derrière made its way to the gym, but I'm back and it feels great!

Back in August, Jamie Eason announced her new 12 week LiveFit transformation program. Now, I have always sort of been in love with Jamie Eason, so you know I had to find out more about this. The people working through the process formed a FaceBook page, which I joined because you never know -- I might magically decide to get back in shape, too.

Sadly, I did not. I spent the next 12 weeks popping Reeses peanut butter cups like vitamins. It was not pretty.

But then something magical did happen. All those people that had been up in the gym, workin' on their fitness started posting before and after pics.

And I am a huge sucker for the before and after pic. It's been a couple of years since I lifted heavy and ate clean, and honestly -- I miss it. I miss feeling strong, wearing whatever I want, and feeling confident.

So I just finished week 1 of the trainer. I ache pretty much every where but I am sleeping like the dead and springing out of bed each morning.  Well, it's sort of a slow motion spring, but it's still an improvement. I'm really proud of this one week of eating clean and working out. I feel like I'm back where I belong. I know I'll stick with this, because the support I have found in my new FB group, combined with my own wacky "just try to stop me" will power is off the charts this time! When I look forward on the calendar 11 weeks, I get excited thinking about where I will be.

Janetha over at Meals & Moves recently finished the 12 week program and she's hosting a giveaway for some fabulous supplements -- all you have to do for a shot at winning is comment daily on her site with a quick note about your workout.  She's calling it Dedicated December, and you should definitely go check it out!

Here's to a happy, healthy holiday season!

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