slice of life tuesday: 37 and counting...

A few minutes before lunch today, I noticed someone standing just outside our classroom door.
It was my husband. With a bright bouquet of flowers.

He came in, and after we settled the kids back down, joined in on all our classroom craziness for the rest of the day.

I love surprises, and although today is my birthday, I definitely hadn't expected to see him standing there!

An excellent way to spend the day. And honestly, right now I have an abundance of blessings in my life. So for today's slice, I thought I'd name one for each of the (manymany) years I've been alive:

1. My extremely compassionate husband
2. All my children are healthy
3. I have a great relationship with a sister I love dearly
4. I get to spend my days doing something I love
5. I have more than a few friends that will always have my back
Two Writing Teachers
6. My kids and I have strong relationships -- this make me crazy-happy!
7. I get to raise a little girl now! Well, help raise -- but still! A girl! Pink and purple and ribbons and lace!
8. I have a fabulous fairy classmother (my amazing mother-in-law!) that gifts our class all sorts of great things!
9. I laugh daily
10. I get to see my family all the time.
11. I have a little time to myself now and then to devote to my hobbies
12. I am healthy enough to enjoy pretty much everything life has to offer
13. I am smart enough to make wise decisions for myself (most of the time!)
14. The Husband and I have goals and plans in motion to meet them!
15. My work life is open enough to let my creative side show
16. I have people in my life that encourage the sides of me I love but am shy to share
17. I live in a place where safety is rarely, if ever, a concern
18. I'm figuring out, day by day, what it takes for me to be physically and mentally healthy and happy
19. I have a nice roof over my head, and don't have to worry from month to month how we'll pay the bills
20. I have one child ready to graduate from high school -- and each day I can tell more and more just how ready he is to take on the responsibilities of being an adult
21.  I have the means to be able to do kind things for others
22. I am more aware of what I need at work to be successful
23. I am developing a strong professional network of educators to lean on and learn from
24. I have watched my two oldest boys grow into mature, courageous individuals
25. I have more than a couple amazing mentors in my life
26. I know what it means to be loved unconditionally
27. I've learned the magical effect of letting go of the past
28. I can make a damn fine paleo-brownie!
29. I watch minds grow from unsure to confident -- every day
30. I have some really great shoes. No, really -- I do! And this has to be counted a blessing, right?
31. We have no credit card debt! We don't even carry credit cards.
32. I live in a country where blessings are easier to list than tragedies
33. I have a great ability to focus on the positive!
34. We have a steadily growing savings account
35. I am much stronger right now, this second, than I was at the same time last year
36. Each night I get to lie down next to my best friend to go to sleep
37. I can look forward to many years of future happiness!


  1. What a wonderful list! When you have great shoes everything else falls into place, right?

  2. Oooh, well done, husband-person!

    Here's to celebrating another year of Kellylouness!

  3. A belated Happy Birthday! Your list of blessings was a nice way to celebrate.